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High Speed Envelope Enclosing

MCS Ink Jet Solutions

MCS, Inc. designs and manufactures, the most successful inkjet imaging systems and inserter matching solutions for the mailing and printing industry. Offering stand-alone inkjet systems, in-line inkjet systems for inserters and tip-on machines, web based inkjets and matching systems.

MCS have been in business since 1989 and have sold 1000’s of systems worldwide to companies in the mailing and marketing industries.

Inkjets and matching systems – both hardware and software – are developed in-house by their own team of engineers. The ability to provide customers with an integrated solution – entirely from one company – gives a unique advantage in providing ownership and accountability for the solutions provided.

MCS’s innovative development department has pioneered Kyocera-based UV inkjet (Eagle-UV) printing systems. MCS also has another advantage with its hybrid inkjet printing system (Eagle-Hybrid), which combines the quality of a laser printer with the advantages of professional variable-speed inkjet printing (speed, range of use and low acquisition / maintenance / consumption costs).

The stable and very extensive user software “Raptor” allows in conjunction with the MCS systems almost every imaginable configuration and control. The focus is on the very innovative operation of this powerful tool. Fast processing of large amounts of data as well as large PDF data is self-explanatory. A special feature of the MCS systems is the processing of PDF files in duplex applications as well as in read & print applications. There are also many interfaces (tracking, camera reading, locks, etc.). On an MCS Eagle system (UV or Hybrid) up to 6 print heads a 4.25 “/ 108mm = 648mm can be connected. In addition, HP print heads (Falcon) can also be used as a supplement to an Eagle system.

Products & Applications


The MCS Falcon is the third generation of HP-based inkjet printing systems from MCS. More than 3,000 installations of the MCS-Falcon HP inkjet printing system inspire its users worldwide. Thanks to the HP cartridge technology used, the overwhelming low-cost system impresses with its purchase price and flexibility. Print heads 5.08cm-60.96cm (2 “-24”) provide the necessary headroom to meet your needs.

The most successful HP inkjet addressing system in the mail manufacturing industry.

  • Low capital cost
  • Easy to use
  • Over 90 different type of inks including spot colour
  • Low maintenance

MCS – EAGLE 20 / 30 / 40

High speed, outstanding quality, large print width and low ink costs make the MCS Eagle-Hybrid one of the most advanced inkjet systems for the mailing and printing industry. In today’s marketplace, it pays to be efficient. The MCS Eagle Hybrid produces slightly over 30,000 mailings / hr. and offers a resolution of 600 DPI. At the same time, the permanent Piezo print head offers the lowest printing costs – even at 600 DPI.

The most successful solid 4 1/4″ Piezo inkjet in the mail manufacturing industry.

  • High-speed imaging up to 16,000pph Eagle 20 / 32,000pph Eagle 30 & 43,000pph Eagle 40
  • Solid 4 ¼” print area
  • Low ink cost
  • 600 dpi Quality

MCS – EAGLE 8500

The MCS Eagle 8500 print head is a solid 8 ½” wide print head using Kyocera Piezo inkjet technology. The Eagle 8500 print head can be mounted on a number of different industrial production lines including:

  • Mailing Tables
  • Folding Lines
  • Web Presses
  • Web Finishing Lines.
  • Wide format 8 1/2″ inkjet.
  • Solid 8 1/2″ page printing at an affordable price
  • High speed
  • Low ink cost
  • 600dpi Quality

MCS – EAGLE UV & UV-AMS (Automated Maintenance System)

Print more orders. Increase your sales. Increase your productivity – use the large print width and high speed with optimum quality. Print logos, maps and graphics at full 600dpi resolution! Increase your flexibility by using a variety of materials. UV ink offers a diverse range of uses.

The fully automated maintenance system option (AMS) takes over the cleaning and maintenance work of the operator. Here, the rinsing / purging and covering the print head is carried out fully automatically. Thus, the printing system is always in optimal condition and is automatically closed when not in use.

  • Low cost high quality and High Speed UV inkjet solution.
  • Automated maintenance
  • Solid 4 ¼” print area
  • Low ink cost
  • Great for plastic


The high-production inkjet printing system! The Osprey inkjet system (UV / Hybrid) combines high production speed and easy handling with low costs with its 65mm / 2.55 ” mono block print head. In addition, the Ospray hybrid also represents a high-performance, low-cost inkjet system in the long term thanks to its low operating costs (low-cost hybrid ink and replacement parts). Outstanding print results in texts, graphics and logos as well as high printing speeds complete the profile.

  • High quality imaging for plastic and films.
  • Large drop size
  • Ideal for plastic cards
  • 400 dpi Quality
  • 2 ½” Solid print head


The MCS Condor is designed for professional direct mail manufacturing companies. Flexibility, ease of use, and excellent process colour quality make the MCS Condor ideal for many direct marketing opportunities. The MCS Condor can be used on inserters for high-speed read and print applications, and as a standalone solution to maximise your investment. The MCS Condor offers a Windows 7 user interface that supports common data formats, standard graphics files, and an easy to use document composition process. An optional industry leading PDF workflow for read and print and standalone operation is available. The industry leading optional PDF workflow works with leading industry document composition products such as GMC Inspire and Extreme.

  • Process colour read and print at high speeds.
  • Process colour imaging.
  • Solid 4 1/4″ print area.
  • High-speed up to 26,000pph.
  • 600 dpi Quality.


MCS accompanies you into the future with multi-platform print control in a Windows 7 environment. The MCS Raptor inkjet controller is based on the latest design, which allows a controller to control several MCS printing technologies simultaneously (e.g. Eagle + Falcon). Since 1997, MCS has been offering state-of-the-art yet easy-to-use inkjet programs for industrial use with its inkjet software. A big plus is the creation of jobs, layouts and print releases (PDF) at external workstations.

MCS Raptor Software offers the most advanced mail manufacturing software for inkjet printing in the industry. Raptor supports four inkjet technologies up to 34” of print, in any combination.

  • Advanced Workflow – Optional PDF and IJPDS workflows and MyFont.
  • Flexibility – Can drive 4 inkjet technologies in any combination.
  • Integrity – Supports MCS industry leading Read & Print with integrity.

Raptor PDF

PDF is the standard spool print language of the advertising mail manufacturing industry and the MCS Raptor inkjet controller software provides an Advanced PDF Print File support option

  • Embedded Resources
  • Data Locking
  • Faster job set-up
  • Improved quality control


In the mail manufacturing industry, it’s all about getting your mail piece noticed and opened. Handwritten addresses are a proven way to increase response rates in advertising mail. Introducing MyFont, from MCS and Think Ink. A new way of addressing mail with real hand writing using MCS high-speed inkjets & MCS Raptor software technology. MyFont is a service from Think Ink, and an optional feature in the new MCS Raptor 10 inkjet software. The MyFont option offers highly personalised addressing at high-speeds and a very low cost!

  • Randomised Handwriting Font for the MCS Raptor Inkjet Controller.
  • A new way of addressing mail with real hand writing using MCS high-speed inkjets & MCS Raptor software technology.
  • Highly personalised addressing at high-speeds and a very low cost.
  • MCS Raptor software prints your hand written font at full-speed, while at the same time randomising the characters choosing one of four, on the fly, to look more natural.
  • Print addresses in Ballpoint Blue ink for greater response rates.

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