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Feeder Solutions
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Feeder Solutions


For over twenty years, Streamfeeder have been providing automation solutions to the commercial printing, contract packaging and mailing & fulfilment industries. When customers are confronted with a difficult mail piece or are looking to improve a production process, they confidently turn to Streamfeeders wide range of products.

Feeding difficult products require a Solution, the Streamfeeder range can be added on to existing swing arm and rotary inserters, designed to maximise your throughput on inkjet and tabbing applications. Standard feeders are designed with enough flexibility that they can be quickly integrated to whatever brand of equipment is on your shop floor. All feeders come with low maintenance and quick belt change and fit well in to the most demanding of production environments.

Listed are just a few areas in which Streamfeeder products can help your business run more efficiently…

  • Feeders for your Envelope Enclosing, Poly & Shrink Wrapping lines
  • Standard and wide format feeders for your Ink Jet & Tabbing feeding requirements.
  • Streamfeeder can deliver your product in the following ways, Batch Counting, Presentation, On-Demand and Continuous mode
  • We can feed a wide range of items such as, Loyalty and Payment Cards, Greetings Cards, Envelopes, Open and closed Edge Paper & Card, Stationary, Booklets and Magazines, Pre-Wrapped and Coated Stocks etc.
  • As well as a range of feeders we can also integrate Scanner and Camera Reading, offer complete system solutions for Card Attaching and Collating Lines with further options for Servo-Driven Feeders, Tip-On and Affixing, Suction Bases, Bump & Turn and much more.

Need a solution then please give Promail a call on +44 01280 709590 or download a brochure for further information.

If you're looking to improve the efficiencies in your mailroom, please

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