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Poly Wrapping
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Poly Wrapping

Poly Wrapping – i6 iMM


The i6-series was born out of listening to clients and benchmarking the competition. The series uses servo motion technology and state of the art electronics to deliver user friendly, productive and flexible poly wrapping solutions. It fits all types of post-press environments such as mailing houses, printers, publishers, outsourcing companies, finishers and direct mail companies.

User friendly features include Colour Touch Screen Control graphical user interface which simplifies operating the machine. The i6-series is supplied with automatic settings for the wrapping unit. You can store jobs with all relevant settings like product size, sealing time and temperature etc. Further, the solution is supplied with a LEARN function for automatic programming of new jobs. Put your product on the in-feed section and press the LEARN button and the solution will automatically measure the dimensions and make a new job that you can save to the memory.


The i6 series provides outstanding performance and efficiency. In today’s production environment it’s important to be able to achieve quick change overs from one type of job to another. The i6-series is equipped with push button format changes for the wrapping unit to keep change over times as short as possible. The i6-series is constructed to be easy to operate with minimal training.


The i6-series is designed to have low maintenance costs due to servo motion technology eliminating clutch/brake and other mechanical motion. The solution is also designed to produce a realistic productivity that matches the customer’s expectations. Further, the robust construction will ensure the longevity of the solution, giving you the best possible return on your investment.


An important point when investing in a new solution is to be sure that it also fits the future needs. The i6-series is an extremely flexible modular poly wrapper that handles product sizes up to A3 and pack thicknesses up to 50mm. The solution can also be extended in length, retro fitted with most types of feeders, auto loaders, stacker, strapping, inkjet, camera reading etc. Promail will help with the choice and supply of feeders matched to your requirements. The i6-series is designed to have a low and narrow in-feed track height for ease of operation as such high consideration was given to the operators needs during the design stage.


The whole solution is equipped with many safety features. The noise level of the i6-series is very low compared to all other comparable poly wrapping solutions. This feature is important as it improves the work environment considerably.

Poly Wrapping – Belca BE-85

BELCA of Spain are a manufacturer of packaging machinery since 1990 with a professional background and extensive experience in the field of wrapping.

The BE-85 poly wrapper that runs at speeds of up to 85 packs/min has been specially designed for poly wrapping magazines, newspapers, documents, brochures, mailing jobs, etc.

As an option the BE-85 can also be retrofitted with a shrink tunnel for polyolefin shrink wrapping for different products such as books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, etc. Its versatility has made the BE-85 the ideal choice for contract packers, printers and the direct mail industry.

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