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Buskro Ink Jet Solutions

Buskro provides cutting edge technologies specifically designed to maximize profits in several industries such as card personalisation, packaging, direct mail and commercial printing. Founded in 1976, Buskro has evolved into an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality printing, tabbing/labelling and card processing equipment to meet a broad range of customer needs. Buskro’s approach of using the latest technology allows their products to meet your current needs and adapt to your future requirements

When you need the most innovative inkjet imaging equipment, the highest quality transport systems, powerful system control or smart tabbing systems, Buskro has a solution that is right for your production requirements. Buskro products are built for today, and designed for tomorrow, with an open architecture allowing Buskro units to be easily upgraded as needs change. With Buskro, you can add performance and production capabilities easily as your needs change without having to invest in new equipment.

Printers and mail houses of all sizes are integrating Buskro equipment. When you consider your special needs, the ones you face today and the ones you expect tomorrow then compare the total Buskro package, price, value, innovation, quality, flexibility, versatility, durability, upgradeability, service and support Buskro is hard to beat.

Products & Applications


The Affordable, High Resolution Inkjet Apollo HP. Powerful system control, outstanding print quality, and easy operation A true production machine, outstanding print quality at a great price. Apollo produces high quality images with print resolutions from 110 to 600 x 600 dpi depending on your application. From simple addressing to complex imaging, Apollo does it all!


2500 CGS – Take personalisation to the next level with Buskro’s CGS 2500 series printhead. Print vibrant, fully-variable CMYK images on the widest variety of substrates using UV curable inks. The CGS system is available in a 2.55” head configuration at a variety of resolutions and can be combined with any other Buskro print technology. User-selectable, custom colour profiles allow you to achieve the possible colour match on your unique substrates. The ability to print crisp text and stunning graphics, combined with the unique variable print capabilities of Buskro’s powerful Compose IQ software package will open new doors and give you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Apollo 4C – Add a splash of colour to your mail piece. Based on HP TIJ 2.5 technology, the Apollo 4C print head produces fully-variable, process colour images at an affordable price. Best suited for porous materials, Apollo 4C offers a 1” print swath and can be combined with any other Buskro print technology to enhance the look of your promotional materials. Say it with colour and make sure you get noticed!


The Production Performer. A true production system that lets you enjoy low operating costs and high production speeds. Produce high quality variable data images, addresses, barcodes, logos, graphics, marketing messages and more on sheet or web applications. It truly is a reliable performer that you can count on to process high volumes of work faster at the lowest cost of ownership.

Adding software features such as OCR for read & print applications make Atlas a good fit for high-speed inserting, binding, ticketing, numbering, bar-coding, and all other applications where integrity is just as important as speed.


The Just Add Data Inkjet – The Atom has been specifically designed to meet an entry level price point while offering a print system capable of most traditional addressing and simple variable inkjet personalisation applications. This solution offers a totally free-standing, portable unit without the need for large external support cabinets. Buskro’s “Just Add Data” approach allows for interfacing with other third party software and data transmission packages to easily fit the Atom into existing production lines and work flows.


“The Print on Anything Inkjet” Print crisp, vibrant, high quality images and text on virtually any substrate! Equipped with Renoir UV curable inks, this state-of-the-art system is perfect for imaging onto the widest variety of substrates including glossy paper, CR-80 plastic cards, poly-wrap, and even metal, all at high speeds. Dry time and versatility aren’t very useful without exceptional print quality. The Aurora UV inkjet system produces sharp, crisp, dark images at resolutions up to 660 DPI


PORTABLE, PRECISE, PROVEN TECHNOLOGY – The Quantum features an all-encompassing print system that fully integrates the electronics, ink management, and print module sub-systems into the body of the printer making it an industry leader in portability and flexibility. Variable drops as small as 3pl coupled with a 600X1200 DPI output capability makes the Quantum ideal for smaller, more intricate and precise print applications while its 4.25″ print swath yields a wide print breadth resulting in crisp, even print for the most generous of images.

Read & Print

Having the correct data on your mail pieces and documents is critical to your success. When a critical-data job is on the line, and you must have total control and verification of all your data, count on Buskro for accurate, proven results every time.

Duplex Printing

Duplex printing applications are scenarios where personalised matching data is printed on both sides of a product. These systems typically include two transport bases with a mechanical turnover unit in-between.

Transport Bases

Buskro bases feature rugged, heavy-duty construction that promote years of trouble free operation. Designed and built to the highest standards, these transport bases are durable & dependable.
Transport bases are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and highest print quality for every mail and print application.

The combination of controller, print heads and transport base provide ready-to-use solutions for a wide range of mail and print applications from simple to sophisticated.

Bases can be used alone or in combination and can be fully interlocked to work in unison

Tabbing & Labelling

The BK730 can handle labels up to 3″ wide (5″ for BK730WL) by 7″ long and thanks to its large buffer container can apply them at an astonishing speed. Also, because the controls for the head are fully integrated to it and powered separately from the base, you can actually attach the tabbing head (now called the BK731 without the base) to any transport and have it work as a self-standing labelling unit.

Card Personalisation System

Buskro’s Card Personalization System or CPS, is the latest addition to Buskro’s complete line of variable digital printing and material handling solutions.

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