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High Speed Envelope Enclosing
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High Speed Envelope Enclosing

DPS 100 Inserting System

Flexibility to grow new revenue streams

The DPS 100 is the ideal inserter for organisations looking to upgrade from their current swing arm technology or need extra flexibility and speed from that of their current rotary equipment . The user friendly DPS100 comes with feeder options (Rotary or Friction) to best fit with the requirements of your mailings. We can integrate camera reading and matching with exit validation and in-line read & print. It’s also perfect for companies wanting to invest in their first inserter, confident that the performance and upgradeability of the machine will prove a wise investment for many years to come.

Main Features

  • High productivity and flexibility combine with competitive pricing to provide very low cost per mail piece
  • Up to 16,000 cycles per hour for DL applications with 12,00 cycles per hour for C4 applications
  • Boost Machine Efficiency – Selective Sealing reduces machine stoppages and simplifies mail piece repair
  • Quick change rotary and friction feeders – approximately 30 minutes
  • Process virtually any insert material
  • Stop / Start system anywhere anytime with the operator remote control unit
  • Reduce down time between Planned Maintenance with servo motor technology
  • Increase uptime and production with on-screen automation to re-time insertion at the touch of a button
  • Reduce Operator Intervention – Outer envelope feeder automatically re-tries feeding, making feed attempts to secure a clean envelope feed before manual intervention is required
  • Add additional functionality to your system at time of order or retrofit with camera reading, exit validation or in-line print / read & print.


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