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Camera Reading Solutions
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Camera Reading Solutions

Camera Reading Systems

Promail offer camera and scanner reading solutions, these can be fully integrated in to your new Promail supplied solution or retrofitted on to your current equipment and to suit any purpose within your operation and from world renowned manufacturers such as Lake Image Systems based in Hertfordshire, UK & MailCon (IVS) of Germany. Systems can read almost anything; from OCR, barcodes, 2D codes, postal barcodes etc.

Businesses of all sizes continue to rely on mail as an effective, affordable, relevant and timely method of communication with their clients. Ensuring that every piece of mail or publishing item (e.g. booklet, catalogue, magazine etc.) is correctly processed, inserted and delivered. This is only possible due to the continuing advancement in camera-based integrity systems that allow Printers, Mailers, and Finishers to automate the verification and inspection of billions of letters, mail and published items each year.

What mailing applications would require cameras or scanners?

Accumulation is when several sheets of a personalised document are gathered together and inserted into one envelope The information on this mark is specific to each sheet of paper and it is interpreted by the camera or scanner to ensure that the complete pack of documents is inserted into the envelope.

Selection – Perhaps you want to target certain people differently from others within a mailing by including an additional insert. We can mount a camera / scanner to read your mark positioned on the prime document to dictate on which stations are active or not.

Matching – Possibly you need to match two or more inserts and/or envelopes addressed to a specific person. Mail Machine Matching requires more than one camera / scanner and involves two or more documents being read at different stages of the machine output. The documents read by the cameras / scanners are identified as being part of a set of documents completing a group for one addressee. The characters or marks read on each document are compared and should match if the machine is to allow the work to progress into an envelope.

Security – Cameras can be used to check the integrity of your secure mailing with the addition of Read In & Exit Read (Exit Validation) Solutions where we can offer File Audit Reporting etc. Promail can also offer disguised mailing, this can give sensitive material a more general appearance and prevent possible fraud. The information on this mark is specific to each sheet of paper and it is interpreted by the camera or scanner to ensure that the complete pack of documents is inserted into the envelope.

For even greater security why not talk to Promail about In-line Inkjet Printing (Read & Print). A barcode or mark can be placed on a document using visible or ‘invisible’ ink. The code is read by a camera and the mark is associated with a unique address in a database. Using this database the address can be placed onto a closed-face envelope using an inkjet printer, such as the MCS Falcon or Eagle from Promail.

Typical Requirements

  • Reliable reading and matching of a multitude of symbologies (barcodes and OCR text) at high speeds
  • Ability to provide multiple capabilities simultaneously; such as collation control, comparison to a data file, image archiving and integrity reporting at high production speeds.
  • Ability to ensure that all items within a print file are processed without missing or duplicate pieces.
  • Verify Mailmark and other postal barcodes for readability and accuracy.
  • Automate Return Mail scanning and data capturel

Solutions for Mailing & Finishing

Production and fulfilment of statements, invoices, credit cards and election services documents require verification systems to identify errors and prove production integrity with absolute results. Document processors are concerned with more than customer retention as privacy and integrity errors can have serious liability implications. Our comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities allow our customers to identify errors as they occur and prove the integrity of the final product.

Promail deliver comprehensive direct mail verification for mailing and direct marketing processes. With cameras, scanners, and software specifically designed for a wide variety of mail production equipment, our solutions are quickly adapted to the changing needs of this market. Our direct mail verification solutions allow clients to improve productivity on their equipment to handle highly variable applications. Our clients not only achieve the quality their customers expect but do so with the latest technology which enables them to pursue new business opportunities.

If you're looking to improve the efficiencies in your mailroom, please

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