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PromailPromail can offer a number of different reading systems to suit any purpose within your mailing operation. The Promail solution is cameras from the world-leading Lake Image Systems. These can read almost anything; from barcodes to OMR marks, or OCR characters to 2D images. We can also supply barcode and OMR scanners.

What mailing applications would require cameras or scanners?

  • Accumulation - You might have a need to accumulate several personal documents into one envelope or polybag. A good example of this would be an itemised telephone bill. Find Out More...
  • Selection - Perhaps you want to target certain people differently from others within a mailing by including an extra or different insert. Find Out More...
  • Matching - Possibly you need to match two or more inserts and/or envelopes addressed to a specific person. Find Out More...
  • Security - Cameras can be used to check the integrity of your secure mailing or they can offer disguised mailing. This can give sensitive material a more general appearance and prevent possible fraud. Find Out More...


Mailing security is also known as disguised mail. Disguised mail can be achieved in many different ways and is often used to give a more 'personal' feel to a sensitive mailing, such as a credit/debit card

Disguised mail can be accomplished by matching a sensitive document to a closed-face (non-window) envelope, using cameras or scanners reading a mark or a set of numbers.

For even greater security a barcode or mark can be placed on a document using an ultra-violet or 'invisible' ink. This invisible mark is read by a camera and the mark is associated with a unique address in a database. Using this database the address can be placed onto a closed-face envelope using an inkjet printer, such as the MCS Array from Promail.

Promail can offer several options for processing disguised mail.

We can supply a machine such as the Kalmar KC45 Unimailer. this high-speed machine can be fitted with cameras or scanners on any or all stations and on a sheet-feed channel if one is fitted. A Inkjet printer from MCS can be placed online and this can be used to print the address in any true-type™ font to give the mailing a 'hand-written appearance.

We can also supply rebuilt equipment, such as Bell & Howell inserters with cameras or scanners built into the insert stations and a MCS printer and turnover unit to achieve disguised mailing.

The newer generation Kalmar KC4 and KC5 swing-arm inserters can be custom-fitted with cameras or scanners within the insert stations to allow disguised mailing to take place in conjunction with a MCS Array Inkjet printer.

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