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Kalmar KC45 Unimailer:

High Speed Multi-Purpose Rotary Inserting:

PromailThe KC45 Unimailer's ability to handle the increasing demands in today's market is second to none. It's solid build and ergonomic design means the KC45 can cope with the consistent high volumes found in today's 24- hour production environments. It is also capable of processing the widest range of jobs: from high speed single sheet inserting to more complex runs involving varying numbers of sheets. Add address printing, pick and place, channel systems etc. and the KC45 Unimailer gives you greater choice, greater flexibility and greater potential for growth.

With a servo drive system built into each individual station as well as the main system, the KC45 Unimailer provides accurate delivery of the enclosures as well as a smooth consistent production. Capable of processing DL to B4 documents at high speeds the KC45 Unimailer will give you the flexibility and reliability you need to evolve to a sophisticated and state-of-the-art intelligent inserting operation

The modular design and range of optional features means that you can configure the KC45 Unimailer system to suit your specific requirements, and if necessary, you can upgrade or reconfigure your system as your business priorities or customers' requirements change. As well as excellent levels of integrity, the KC45 Unimailer system delivers enhanced material handling capabilities, greater reliability, improved ease of use and reduced set-up and change over time. Giving you a truly professional, productive and profitable inserting system – now and in the future.

Specification KC45 Unimailer

Formats: - DL to B4, C6 optional

Max size: - 270 x 360mm
Min size: - 110 x 225mm. With C6 option: 114 x 162mm
Flap depth: - 25 - 76mm

Max size: - 230 x 330mm
Min size: - 90 x 205mm, with C6 option 90 x 148mm
Max thickness: - 6mm (in total up to 16mm into envelope)
Min Thickness: - 40 g/m² single sheet
Stations: - 2-12 standard
Speed: - Up to 12,000 cycles / hour Net output depending on material and type of job
Power requirements: - 400/230VAC, 3phase, 50 Hz, 16A|
Space requirement: - Based on a twin station basic rotary feed machine 'T' shaped without channel L3.5m (with channel 5.9m) W 2.8m. Each additional twin-station extension equals 0.8m in length.

promailThe C45 Unimailer is available in versions with 2 insert stations up to 12 insert stations. Each high-speed feeder is equipped with an individual servo-drive unit that enables accurate delivery of enclosures and smooth consistent production. It is also possible to set up the feeders as team stations, whereby you can manage the material at lower speeds if necessary.


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