KC45 Unimailer - The Truly Powerful Performer
1 Jun 2006

The KC45 Unimailer - The Truly Powerful Performer

At Promail, we sell a range of both rotary and swing-arm inserters to accommodate varying speed and budgetary requirements.

We've found Kalmar Mailpro's inserting machines to be the most flexible on the market. Since we started selling the KC45 Unimailer well over a year ago, sales have steadily increased.

The KC45 is the most sophisticated and flexible 'state of the art' intelligent envelope inserter available. It's a multi-purpose modular system that's servo-driven with a range of feeders, control and management systems for practically any type of application. It's so easy to use, it's incredibly accurate, consistent and versatile. It's ergonomic design and solid build provides the KC45 with an amazing ability to handle increasingly high demands to meet today's 24-hour production environments. There are no limits on this machine it's capable of very high volumes, with 24/7 continuous activity. Because of its enhanced flexibility, high-speed and cost-effectiveness, the KC45 is a truly powerful performer all round.

The KC45 is also capable of processing the widest range of jobs from DL to B4 (to C6 as option) documents, and high-speed single sheet inserting, to more complex runs involving varying quantities of sheets. The KC45 can insert anything from a small business card to thick books and CDs with or without intelligent support. Its features include address printing, pick and place, channel systems and much more. The KC45 gives you greater choice, greater flexibility and greater potential, to enable the future expansion of your business.

The KC45 utilises non-proprietary components, which saves you money over the long-term. Its modular design and range of optional features means that you can configure the KC45 to suit your specific requirements. You can add-on equipment from Kalmar and other suppliers if necessary, to upgrade your system as your business priorities or your customers' requirements change.

Education Direct - Leading the Way in Educational Supply Services
Education Direct in Rochester, Kent is the UK's leading direct marketing agency to provide services specifically for educational suppliers. In May 2006, Education Direct purchased a 12 Station Kalmar KC45 machine from Promail.

"With ever-increasing competition in direct mail, we've been looking to increase our mechanisation for some time," says Edward Peppitt, Education Direct's Sales & Marketing Director. "When we listed our requirements, however, it soon became apparent that only a handful of machines on the market would be up to the job. The Kalmar KC45 machine from Promail became our early favourite and we were impressed with both the machine's capability and the levels of service that the Promail team offered".

"The results will become self-evident. Over the next few months we'll be able to reduce the time in which we can turn a primary school mailing around by a huge 50%. What's more, we've already been able to pass on substantial cost savings to our customers. Education Direct now has an ability to deliver levels of accuracy that no other manual mailing house could ever match - it's easy to see why we're so pleased with this powerful solution from Promail."

Specification KC45 Unimailer
2 15 standard
Mechanical Speed
12,000+ cycles per hour
Envelopes Formats
C4, C5, S65/DL
Max size
270 x 360mm
Min size
110 x 225mm. C6 Option: 114 x 162mm
Flap depth
25 76mm
Inserts Max size
230 x 330mm
Min size
90 x 205mm. With C6 Option: 90 x 148mm
Max thickness 6mm (in total up to 16mm)
Min thickness 40g/m2 single sheet

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