Update from Daran Hanson, Sales & Marketing Director
1 Sep 2007

Daran, what is your function and what are your responsibilities at Promail?
As Sales and Marketing Director, I have primary responsibility for nurturing our customer relationships and managing our internal sales and marketing teams.

In addition, I oversee the day-to-day management of our strategic partnerships and the purchase of new mailroom equipment. Amongst other responsibilities, I also source used equipment for Promail, liaising with our in-house production team. I'm delighted to work with such great guys at Promail - no day is the same!

How long have you worked within the industry? What did you do before you joined Promail?
I've worked within the mailing industry for almost 9 years - the same length of time I've been at Promail. Prior to that I sold print-finishing equipment for many years and I've also had various other sales roles.

Who else works within your group and what are their roles?
Ben Chapman has recently joined Promail to head up our Technical Sales team. He has prime responsibility for selling the MCS Array Imager/Inkjet System, along with the rest of our product range. Ben has worked in the mailing industry for almost 10 years, and has previously sold inkjet address systems and inserting systems. Prior to that, Ben worked in the IT Industry, selling PC to Host connectivity software. Liz Barrington heads up our Marketing department. Liz has previously worked within both the IT and Telecoms sectors, for many large organisations. Liz's role is to raise greater awareness for Promail in the marketplace and to ensure all our customer communications are clear, consistent and concise.

In your opinion, how will the marketplace change over the coming years?
The UK mailing industry plays a very important role in our economy; it's an ever-changing industry, with much buoyancy and optimism. As a result, many businesses are increasingly investing in new premises and new technology. The latter is an area where we can provide much expertise. We're also committed to providing solutions to those customers who require used and refurbished equipment for contracts that just don't warrant new machinery. That's just how Promail started - delivering used and refurbished mailing equipment, so we have considerable expertise in this area.

Our mailing equipment has evolved over the years, as our customers' requirements have grown. We've supplied solutions that range from simple standalone to complex 'intelligent' systems. These days, 80% of the equipment we refurbish possesses some form of intelligence - ranging from a basic sensor that's been fitted for mail sorting, through to a system that incorporates cameras for matching and selection. Most customers no longer order simple standalone machines; they want solutions and services that grow with their business and provide the greatest returns on investment over the least amount of time.

How will Promail meet the new challenges ahead?
Promail continues to evolve as the industry changes and our tailor-made solutions can expand to suit any production dilemma. We don't just stand still we continuously deliver equipment that provides the latest technological advances. We search the world for innovative new partners such as MCS Incorporated, who are huge in the US, where they enjoy around 50% market share.

Our knowledge of the industry, our machinery and our relationships with key suppliers is second to none. Customers can always speak to a technical engineer at Promail. We instantly understand the mechanics of any machine we supply and we advise on the best way to handle whatever problem that may arise. We're always willing to help. Our Service and Spares Department has access to an extensive central store of spare parts and consumables, with in-depth knowledge of each piece of equipment. Our individually formulated maintenance programmes cover a wide range of machinery.

Promail is a company that customers enjoy working with we always endeavour to deliver more than we promise. We offer you considerable value-for-money and of course peace of mind, now and in the future. Customers enjoy working with us because our approach is straightforward, friendly, helpful and reliable. What's more, we'll be the most competitive on price, support and service that's guaranteed.

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