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Modular. Affordable. Transformational.

PromailIntroducing an HP inkjet printer that helps you expand your capabilities - and speed your operations - faster than ever before.

The MCS Array Inkjet is the easy way to get the hard jobs done. Imagine a print area that expands from 4" to 16". The ability to print in 24 languages. And printing speeds of up to 36,000 pages per hour. On surfaces ranging from primary and secondary packaging to roll-to-roll and corrugated boxes.

The MCS Array Imager is a modular, easy-to-install system - an easy upgrade that's compatible with most inkjet bases, including the MCS Pro 600 Ink-Jet System.

Advanced, User-Friendly Functions

Our user-friendly, Windows-based WYSIWYG software gives you easy access to advanced capabilities:

  • PromailSupport for 24 international languages
  • Advanced native barcode support
  • Unlimited (or extended) print length
  • Spreadsheet format to view screen data "live"
  • Rotation of variable data
  • Unlimited conditional bitmaps from product summary sheet; website lists "up to 3,000"
  • Justification of variable data (up, left, centre, bottom)
  • Serialisation, sequential numbering, counters, time and date codes
  • Field formatting for combining fields
  • Advanced database support (includes comma delimited, ASCII fixed, user definable)
  • Multiple speeds and resolutions
  • Ethernet connectivity

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